AMAGOLD Certification: The Seal of Excellence

AMAGOLD Certification: The Seal of Excellence

AMAGOLD is a national and international certificate that guarantees the quality and gold content of the pieces (jewelry) produced. This means that every jewel that comes with an AMAGOLD sticker is certified to be 100% authentic, solid 18K gold. 
The Mission: AMAGOLD's mission is to disseminate and implement QUALITY in the gold jewelry production chain based on certified standards, creating a seal recognized by manufacturers, shopkeepers, and consumers nationally and internationally, ensuring the printed content on the pieces and facilitating the circulation of Brazilian jewelry worldwide.
We believe in quality and transparency, which is why we proudly carry products all certified by AMAGOLD, thus guaranteeing the value behind your investment and giving you peace of mind when purchasing online. 

Our international manufactures and suppliers are all certified by AMAGOLD as well, and hold a certificate of excellence within the association for multiple decades, thus implementing even more value in each certified jewel.   
AMAGOLD is the most important certification of gold jewelry in Brazil and all over the world. It is held by some of the finest jewelry brands worldwide, and for many good reasons. Apart from guaranteeing the authenticity of the gold jewelry, it  also serves as a standard (linked to the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) for how the gold is sourced, developed and even distributed, ensuring a fair and safe trade.
We are proud to be a part of a professional and legitimate association where we can best represent the finest elements of our industry; those being trust, value and integrity. 
For more information please visit Amagold's Official Site.   

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