Happy 2022! Here's our top highlights from 2021.

Happy 2022! Here's our top highlights from 2021.

Welcoming the New Year means reflecting on the previous one. At KALOI Fine Jewelry, 2021 meant a year filled with glamourous collection launches and special new arrivals. We've taken a look back and put together a list of some of our favorite highlights of 2021. Follow below for more!
The Mother's Day 2021 Collection. 

The WAVE Statement Cuff Earrings, styled in two ways. 
This launch was a very special moment for us. Our goal was to curate a collection that embodied class with a touch of modern elegance.
In total, 8 designs were handcrafted to make up the Mother’s Day Collection, one of our favorites being the WAVE Statement Cuff Earrings. They are studded with brilliant diamonds and feature a unique 2N1 design, that allows them to be worn down as a long drop earring, or up as a full statement cuff. 
Another favorite is the AQUA Gemstone Hoops. A truly, unique pair of luxury hoops that feature a variety of natural Brazilian Topaz gemstones. The different shades of Topaz gemstones give the hoop a statement look while also being comfortable enough for everyday wear. 
The Paraiba Tourmaline pendant shown on model. 

The CELINE Set shown on model. 

The infamous Paraiba Tourmaline is one of Brazil’s most superb, precious gemstones. It features a gorgeous aquamarine color that can’t be found elsewhere. As a special tribute to our home country, we launched the CELINE Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone Pendant.
The Paraiba Tourmaline is a very valuable and rare gemstone. It features an incandescent glow, which appears to light the stone from within, making it incomparable to any other precious gemstone. 
The GEO ring from the 3D Collection. 
The 3D Collection shown on model. 
To keep up with today’s trends and demand for modern jewelry, we curated the 3D Collection; an assortment of fine jewels made to make you stand out! They feature delicate diamond accents set in 18K yellow gold. 
The unique design of this collection gives the charms a 3-dimensional shape which adds charm and character to each piece. The 3D Collection sets the tone for future collections to come at KALOI Fine Jewelry. 

The KALOI Black Box in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy. 


The FARAH Chain Set shown on model in Venice, Italy. 
At KALOI, we are on a mission to discover the different perspectives of the fine jewelry markets worldwide because we believe that cultures all around the world bring to the table something very special and unique. In 2021, we got the chance to visit Italy, one of the world's richest countries in culture and lifestyle. 
Our tour of Italy started in Vicenza, and made its way to Venice, Positano, Rome and lastly Milan, taking us on the journey of understanding the essence behind Italian excellence in beauty, design, and jewelry in particular. 
From left; Kaitlin, Camila and Marta (the women behind KALOI) stand outside the VICENZA Oro Feira.


One of the beautiful diamond showcases from the Feira. 
While in Italy, we got the honor to attend the very famous VICENZA Oro Feira. VICENZA Oro is a high-end jewelry fair, where merchants from all over the world come to display their latest and most popular jewels. It was a great opportunity for us to dive into the European Fine Jewelry market, while also visiting Italy’s capital for gold jewelry. 
We look forward to bringing outstanding jewels from Italy to KALOI in 2022.

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