WHAT IS IT?  18k Gold

WHAT IS IT? 18k Gold


Fine jewelry is the core of self expression. For generations, people all over the world have worn fine metals and precious gems as a way of celebrating themselves and supporting the traditions they believe in. 
In today’s world, jewelry trends are rolled out daily in order to meet the expectations of the public, but less and less are people really educated about what actually goes in the jewelry they are purchasing. 
18K Gold is what we call at KALOI, the perfect balance of wearing the highest purity of Gold without the worry of it being damaged. The nature of solid gold is soft and quite porous which makes it easily bendable and feeble for everyday wear. It has a hardness of about 2.5 on the Mohs scale (diamond is known for being the hardest with a score of 10 for comparison). 
Gold, in its purest form, does not stand up well to everyday wear and in order to combat this problem, gold is mixed with other fine metals (such as silver and palladium). This process of combining alloys increases the resistance and strength of the gold. 18K simply means there is 75% solid gold mixed with 25% of other metals, which makes it the sweet spot for jewelry. There are many other ratios in which gold can be mixed with other metals, some of which we know by 14K and 10K gold. 
When it comes to making a purchase, we all want the best value. Many factors come into mind when we think of value, such as the quality we are receiving and even the lifetime of the jewel. With 18K Gold jewelry, you can feel confident that your investments will last. Gold is known as a noble metal, which means it has the ability to be impenetrable by other chemicals or elements. This key feature is what preserves the overall longevity of the jewelry, and allows it to be easily maintained, worn, and treasured for a life time. 


For more information regarding 18K gold and our process of jewelry production, please contact our team here.

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