Our History 

KALOI is a luxury jewelry company that specializes in 18K Gold, precious gemstones and fine diamonds.

We sell unique fine jewelry from around the world, starting with our home country; Brazil.  

We believe that jewelry represents meaning, values and all things love, and wearing it embodies our best moments and celebrates our successes.

Fine jewelry symbolizes empowerment and elevates us to a state of showcasing our best selves. 

Join the movement and reveal your #BrightestSelf with KALOI Jewelry.


Our Mission 

Our mission has always been the same; provide the very best quality at the best value. We want you to feel good about the jewelry that you wear and your investments towards them!  

Gold is one of the most resourced assets in the world, and its value only increases over time so we strive to educate people to invest and express themselves through the art of fine jewelry.


Our Products

When it comes to making the finest luxury jewelry, KALOI is the leader in high quality and distinctive design.  

We make sure we work with only the best and purest materials, which is why we source our gold from the mines of Brazil.

Our jewelry is also certified by AmaGold, which is a national and international certificate that guarantees the quality and gold contents of the pieces produced.