Brazilain Fine Jewelry

Unique and Handcrafted Luxury

Brazil's Finest. Crafted by Hand.

We pride ourselves in offering fine jewelry products designed and handcrafted by the experts of the fine jewelry industry.


Our products are created and regulated under AMAGOLD's fine jewelry standards, which also serves as a certification that authenticates the gold jewelry you are purchasing.


If you love high end products that feature unique designs and can't be found else where, then you've found the right place! Choose from matching sets, statement rings, exclusive gold chains, or any other pieces of our fine jewelry collection.


We are believers that if you are going to invest in something, you should invest in the best. That is why we only offer 18K gold and 925 silver products, which ensures that the jewelry you are buying has a long term value.

"Dwell on the beauty of life. That's the Brazilian way". - The KALOI Team



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